Thursday, September 30, 2010

23 Miles From The Goal

Well, all I've got today is a bunch of excuses.  Drew came back from Germany last night and I didn't go running this morning.  I don't even really think the two things are related, but it was raining and I wanted to stay in bed.  So, I didn't go running.  That's two days in a row now.  And I'm getting very very close to a crazy and ridiculous time at work, so that's not going to be helping matters any.

My September running total for the month was 108.3 miles in 19:02:00 for an average pace of 10:32/mile.  I was feeling awesome and warm and fuzzy about that until I realized that in the month of September, I was supposed to have run 132 miles.  Which means I fell a whopping 23.70 miles short.  The funny thing is that despite that fact making me upset, I actually still feel totally confident about completing the marathon.  Does that make me crazy? 

Wardrobe Challenge, Day 11:
Truthfully, I had trouble remembering what I've already worn this week, so I had to peek back at my blog to check.  I wore black mini-skirt and blue sweater.  Topped it off with tights and a black headband with a bow.  Diamond stud earrings.  I normally wear these earrings every single day, so I think I've really liked (and I know Drew really has) how this challenge has forced me to shake it up a bit! 

After we took this one, Drew asked if the cat should be in the photo, too.  I agreed and this is what we got:

I cut Drew's head off and our cat appears to be crazy-eyed.  In self-defense, however, I'd like to say that I had to set the self-timer with the cat in my arms and at least I actually got her to look at the camera, so even though it's not the best, it's actually a very funny family portrait! 


  1. :) Alien kitty! She looks like she's got green lasers coming from her eyes.

    On the running, sometimes I think less is more and 100+ miles is still freaking awesome!

  2. Wow, awesome job on those miles. It's funny how training for a distance event skews our perception- any normal "non-marathon training" month would make 102 miles seem amazing (and it still is!!!!)

    I love the outfit!