Thursday, September 23, 2010

Good, Good, Bad

I keep feeling like I'm on some sort of weird cycle where I have a couple of really good runs, then a bad run, and then I just feel like if I'm only running 3 miles (like yesterday) I have no business trying to complete a marathon.  Oh, maybe now is a good time to say that this post is going to be a downer.

So, in the spirit of having bad runs, I decided that I'd skip today's run.  At least for this morning.  Depending on how this evening goes work-wise, I guess there is still a chance.  I've also got 17 miles looming over my head for this weekend, so that's something to look forward to as well.  I'm a little stumped on a possible route for that run as I don't really want to do laps in the Park but I'm also reaching the end of my tolerance for doing the same Westside Path run all the time, too.  I think I just need a week off before I resume my regularly scheduled Westside Path long run.  This is definitely one time where I wish I didn't live in NYC and had some more running options.

Today and tomorrow are warm ones in NY.  Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer than today, so I'm saving a skirt for tomorrow. Luckily, I'll be able to wear short-sleeves both days.  Here's Day #4:

Black pants, black short-sleeved sweater and I finally got my jewelry act together and am wearing a gold and silver necklace (and I even took out my normal diamond earrings!).  I rolled up my pants and wore flats to work, but rolled the pants down and changed into my "work shoes" once I got here.  They're a pair of sling-backs that have been living under my desk since 2003, if you can believe that.

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