Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Length Of The Isle Of Manhattan

I took yesterday off from running to spend with Drew.  He left for Germany yesterday evening and I decided that instead of spending 3 hours running on Saturday, I'd wait until he left and do it today.  We spent the day running errands.  I wore the purple long-sleeved shirt and black mini-skirt.  I was going to wear jeans and the shirt, but it was pretty warm here and I knew that I'd be way too hot if I wore long-sleeves and jeans.  I dressed it down by wearing my "smiley-faced shoes".

That meant that today was the day for the longest long run yet.  I don't really think that going from 15 to 17 was 100% my idea of a good time.  I felt like there should be a more natural 15-16-17 progression.  But, nevertheless, I mapped out a route that would take me exactly 17 miles and not a tad more.

I pretty much ran up and down the entire Westside Path today (or a good portion of the length of the island).  I ran from my apartment north first.  I hated the bikers on the way north.  Maybe someone out there actually reads this blog and read my rant from last week about the runners on the Westside Path, because I felt like they were much better today. The bikers, however, left something to be desired.

All the south-bound bikers apparently felt like running in the pedestrian portion of the Path.  I guess that perhaps they just didn't understand what those little pictures of bikers and walkers on the ground actually meant. Finally, I decided to just start yelling at people so that maybe they'd understand that they were riding on the wrong portion.  I probably looked like a crazy person, but I just wish people would pay attention to the signs!  There aren't even words!  It's just little pictures!

It was much better on the way back south because I figure the bikers won't run me over if we're both going the same way.  I'm not 100% sure I'm right on that one, but I haven't been proven wrong yet.  When I got back to where I'd normally turn off and go home, I knew I had quite a way to go, still.  I actually didn't wan't to turn off and go home, so I took that as a good sign and just kept on my way.

The rest of the run was pretty good.  I ate 12 jelly beans along the way.  I wore my Fuel Belt and took two bottles of Gatorade and two of water.  I was really thirsty for water again today, instead of Gatorade.  I felt like a Camel.  I had to stop a couple of times and fill up my bottles with water at drinking fountains.  I'm a little nervous about this.  I don't know if I'm feeling that thirsty what I should be doing.  And how will I ever have enough fluids during the actual marathon? 

At some point, I couldn't get the Death Cab for Cutie Marching Bands of Manhattan song out of my head and I spent at least an hour trying to remember if they said width or length of the Isle of Manhattan.  I was pretty sure it was length, but that seems like such a long arm span, I didn't possibly think it could be correct.  It also seemed like a very appropriate song to have stuck in my head today.  I guess the good thing about running for three hours is that you have a lot of time to think about funny things like that. 

I wore tri shorts, which seem to be better for these longer runs. I also wore a long-sleeved running shirt.  I was able to push the sleeves up just past my elbows.  It might have looked a little funny, but I didn't have any arm chafing today, so it worked out just perfectly.  All in all, today was a good run.  It was two miles longer than I've ever run before, which is so surprising to me that I just did it.  And it wasn't the biggest deal in the whole world. I'm also now at over 100 miles for the month, which feels just awesome! 

Time: 3:06:54
Distance: 17.00 miles
Pace: 10:59/mile

Saturday, Day 6: purple long-sleeved shirt, black mini-skirt and smiley faced shoes (which are really Jack Purcell Converse shoes)

Sunday, Day 7: Blue sweater, jeans with no accessories or jewelry.  Wore white & blue shoes (and definitely thought about the fact that I was wearing white shoes after Labor Day).  I definitely only got dressed today in order to go to dinner with Laura!

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