Sunday, October 25, 2009

You're In The Wrong Lane

This morning Drew got up and headed to the gymnasium while I stayed in bed, finished up the Dan Brown book, and then dragged myself downstairs to sit on the couch and watch some TV until he came home. He then made us breakfast (I'm ridiculously lucky, I know) before we set off on an afternoon of errands.

Drew wanted to find some water-bottle type things for his Muscle Milk and other powdery drinks and after going to three stores, we ended up finding these cups at GNC. He said he doesn't think he will use the blender ball, which was a little bit disappointing to me. I wanted to know if they made everything better. We also headed over to Bed, Bath & Beyond to buy some new (protein) bars. They have the best prices in the city (along with a huge selection), so while it's not the most convenient place to get to, it's totally worth it! After going to Trader Joe's and buying lots of frozen fruit and lots of nuts, I headed home to get ready to go swimming.

When I got to the pool, there were several people milling about and no coach. I was worried it'd be a repeat of two weeks ago when no coach showed up, but luckily, the coach had sent someone a message and said that she was coming in from New Jersey and it was taking longer than expected and she'd be there, but would be late. She ended up being about 15 minutes late, which was a bit of a bummer for me.

We all got in the water and as soon as I jumped in the middle lane, one of the other swimmers, Heather, said, "You're in the wrong lane!" She tried to convince me to move over one lane as she said that I'm a faster swimmer than she is, but since I hadn't been to practice in a while, I was too nervous about being slow.

This was the workout:

300 front crawl
100 kick (with board)

Main Set
100 front crawl
2 x 200 negative split 0:30 RI
3 x 100 race pace (on the 1:50s)
4 x 50 kick all out (on the 1:20s)

2 x 50 drill
100 warm down

So, Heather was right. I should have switched into the faster lane. I definitely should have switched at some point during the workout, but I didn't feel like it. Or I should have led my lane, but that didn't happen either. The funny thing was that when we got out of the water, I really felt like I had a nice leisurely swim and everyone else was saying how hard the workout was. I'm guessing that maybe next time I should step it up and go in the faster lane so that I can feel like I got a good workout too. I definitely wouldn't say it was bad, I just wasn't really challenged at all.

It was really nice, however, to get back in the pool with the team. It's been at least a month since I've been swimming with Terrier and I was glad to be back. It's just a reminder how much I like these group workouts. I'm really going to have to remember that on Tuesday morning when my alarm goes off early for the group run!

Time: 49:55
Distance: 1600 meters / 0.99 miles
Pace: 50:25/mile
Calories: 510
Maximum HR: 172
Average HR: 152

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