Thursday, October 15, 2009

Mission Accomplished

This morning I woke up to beeping alarm clocks and Drew saying, "C'mon, we have to get up and meet Eric at the gym." Eric is our friend that Drew just convinced to join our gym and come and work out with us. While getting up to meet someone was a good motivator for us, apparently it wasn't for Eric, because he had some alarm clock trouble and never showed up. Either way, it got us to the gym, so it served its purpose.

I was bound and determined to finish what I started yesterday and do the three miles on the treadmill. I didn't like it one little bit, but I finished it today, which is more than I can say for yesterday. Drew was off in the boy area lifting weights, but according to my plan, I lift on non-consecutive days, so today isn't a lifting day for me. After I was done with the treadmill, I had some time to kill and it was all I could do to get off that thing, so I decided to look around and see what else was available.

As luck would have it, the stair mill was available, so I hopped on that. Then I hopped right back down when I dropped my book off ... oops! Once I recovered it, I hopped back on and started climbing stairs. I did intervals on Level 8. That machine makes you so sweaty. The sweat was dripping into my eyes and once on my book (this is probably proof that all library books are a little bit icky, but it definitely was an accident). But, I enjoyed my time on the stair mill, and working out is supposed to be a little bit fun, or at least make you feel good, so I felt like my goal was accomplished there.

After doing the stairs, I headed over to the stretching area to stretch and do some more foam rolling on my shins. I didn't want to cry out in agony quite as much as I did the first time, so that must be a good sign, although it was still pretty painful. I'm hoping if I just stick with this, it'll get better and easier. Plus, it should hopefully make my shins happier with all the running I plan on doing in the next few months!

Treadmill Running
Distance: 3.00 miles
Time: 29:50
Pace: 9:56/mile
Calories: 422
Maximum HR: 192
Average HR: 172

Stair Mill
Distance: 1.77 miles (84 floors)
Time: 20:00
Pace: 11:17/mile (4.2 floors/minute)
Calories: 289
Maximum HR: 177
Average HR: 171

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