Monday, October 19, 2009

Reading And Not Running

Today Drew and I were guilty of sleeping in this morning, which meant only one thing. That I'd have to workout after work. I actually always feel bad falling back asleep in the morning because I know that then the fact that I haven't worked out will be hanging over my head all day long. Luckily, I seem to be able to guilt myself into going to the gymnasium in the evening, so it's working out okay so far. I'd still rather get it done in the morning.

Drew left work really early today and headed to the gym. I headed home when I was done with work and changed quickly and then got myself to the gym. He was just finishing up his lifting and was about to do a second session of cardio, so we headed over to check out the machinery. I decided that the treadmill has left me really frustrated recently, so I avoided it today. Plus, Drew finally finished the new Dan Brown book, so I was anxious to start reading it, which I can't do while running.

We got elliptical machines next to each other and chatted about our days and read our books. We were on different machines, even though they were both Precor machines. I did the "cross country" setting and Drew did the "variety" setting. He then pushed up the resistance and the cross ramp to the maximum, so he didn't have too much variety. I really like going really hard for a while and then having an easier setting as a little break for my legs. It totally gives me something to strive for.

We finished up with some quick stretching. I think we were both anxious to get home and have dinner that we sort-of rushed through. My hamstrings are tighter than usual from my leg curls from yesterday and rushing through the stretching didn't help matters any. I'll try to make up for it later. I've been wanting to do more yoga and I'm thinking that I'm really going to commit myself to doing it more next week. Something to look forward to!

Time: 45:00
Distance: 4.74
Pace: 9:24/mile
Calories: 494*

*The calories for today are from the elliptical machine. I forgot to wear my HR monitor again, so I'm just going to use these numbers even though it's probably a little skewed.

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