Monday, October 5, 2009

Need A Routine

Yesterday Drew and I were signed up to do a duathlon in Central Park. He woke up still feeling under the weather, so he wasn't going to do it. I, however, was thinking that it would be fun and just was going to go and have a nice workout. I definitely wasn't in it for a win.

We woke up early and I got all ready to go. As we were walking to the park, We walked by a Dunkin Donuts and Drew said he'd like to stop and get a coffee and that he'd meet me there.

So, I decided to ride my bike the rest of the way there instead of walking. I changed into my bike shoes and hopped on my bike. I didn't get very far. I barely went one block before realizing that my back bike brake wasn't working quite right and that it was probably a very bad idea to go and try and do a race without properly functioning brakes.

So, we turned around and went home. I really only have myself to blame. If I had ridden since the triathlon, I would have known something was wrong and could have gotten it looked at before yesterday's race. I'm mostly upset that I paid for a race I didn't participate in. We ended up going to Toga in the afternoon and now the bike is all fixed and safe again. Apparently I need to become a better braker (although I really think it wasn't me and instead something caught on the brake cable on our way home from Westchester).

After I didn't do the duathlon, I thought about going to the Terrier swim practice, but I just happened to be napping when I would had to leave for practice, so I ended up not doing anything yesterday. I think I'm okay with that. I am a little worried that since I don't need to be training for anything specific right now that I'll just slowly stop going to the gym, but I'm really going to try to keep myself motivated.

This morning I met Nicole for pilates at 8 instead of our usual 7 a.m. timeslot. As weird as it is for me to say this, I think I actually prefer the 7 meeting time more. It lets me go home after and get ready for work instead of just quickly changing at the studio and then heading to work. Nicole is just about done with her pilates apprenticeship, so I'm going to have to decide what to do about continuing my pilates practice.

Our session was good. Nicole let me do side splits (my favorite pilates exercise) again. I tried to go down further, but she explained that the more you do the splits, the worse your form becomes and you could hurt your back. It is still just really fun anyway. What is not fun, however, is the chair. Ugh. She had me do the ab series on the chair and it's just a lot harder that way. Probably because you're forced to keep your head, neck and shoulders rolled up and you can't cheat because there isn't anything underneath you.

I am getting worried about not having to be in shape for anything until March and the half-marathon. I'm having trouble self-motivating and I'm hoping that it won't be a slippery slope. I even tried making a schedule for myself and I'm already having trouble sticking to it. Work is also ridiculously busy this time of year, so I'm hoping that once it calms down next week, I can really get back into working out more regularly and just establish an off-season routine.

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