Friday, October 9, 2009

To Swim Or Not To Swim?

This morning I met Laura for a swim at Battery Park Swim & Fitness Center. This was our first time trying out their facilities. The description on the fitness passes that we have sounded really nice with a "glass enclosed pool," and I guess that I missed the part about how long the pool was, even though I'm generally quite good about that.

It was also a little tricky to find the Fitness Center itself, but we did. I think that Battery Park is its own little world downtown and they've made it confusing on purpose to keep outsiders out. The guy at the front desk seemed more concerned with checking his Facebook page than he was with us. He didn't even bother to tell us where to locker rooms were. We headed down the hall, which turned out to be a bit of elaborate labyrinth. But, one of the first things we found was a hot tub!

We finally figured out where the locker room was and got into our suits and went off looking for the pool. We eventually found it behind the door marked "Swimming Pool." Right before we walked in, Laura said, "this is going to be really small, it's only 50 feet." We walked in and looked at the pool. It was decent looking, but it was really short. There were four lanes and three were occupied by people who were moving at about a snail's pace. The lane that was remaining wasn't ideal since it also had the pool steps (that's right, steps, not a ladder).

I just looked at Laura and asked her if she would want to go in the hot tub. She said yes. Then I asked her if she wanted to go in for a half an hour (the time we were going to spend swimming). I think that she felt a lot guiltier about skipping the workout than I did. But, I think we both knew we weren't going to have a great workout in that short little pool, so in my mind that makes it okay.

We then spent the next half an hour in the hot tub talking and relaxing. I will say, it's not the worst way to spend the morning, even if it did involve going all the way downtown. We can go back to this facility two more times with our passes, which I might be able to be talked into for another morning of relaxing. Or maybe even some cardio and then a hot tub session. I'm just a sucker for hot tubs!

I think the most exercise either of us got was on our walk from the Fitness Center to the subway. Most of that was my fault, because I just was following Laura instead of just going the way I knew to get back to the subway I needed to ride. We did get a nice 0.75 mile walk into our morning, which isn't so bad! At least we did something!

At this point, I'm hoping that I'll be able to go to the gym after work today and at least do my 3rd day of weight lifting for this week.

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