Sunday, August 22, 2010

Two Hours Later

First, I need to start this by saying that vacation hasn't been exactly what we had been planning on and therefore it turned out that we didn't get to spend much time at the lake, therefore I hauled around my wetsuit for no good reason since I did no open water swimming! The changes in plans meant that everything was just a bit screwy, so I didn't really do as much as I thought I would (which always seems to be the way with vacations).

So, this morning I woke up at 7:53 and told myself that I'd go back to sleep for "ten more minutes". Two hours later, I actually woke up again! Vacation is sleepy business. Drew and I got up and donned our running gear and set out for a run. I was out to try to finish up my mileage for the week. Drew had agreed to do part of the run with me, but not all of it (as he's not a distance runner).

The first part of the run (4.2 miles) with Drew was fine. I made sure we didn't start off too speedy as sometimes running with Drew makes me run faster than I really should be. After we parted ways and I kept going and he headed back to the house, things started to go a bit awry.

I think I've learned that if I'm going to be running for more than 5 miles or so, I need to go to the bathroom before I leave the house. Otherwise, it's just bad news for me. After Drew left, I slowed down even more because I was fighting with my stomach. I ended up having to do some walking while I thought about my bathroom options.

I eventually saw a (handicapped) port-a-potty in a city park. As soon as I saw it, I told myself that I could not get excited about it because I was sure it'd be locked. When I got there and it wasn't locked, I told myself that I still shouldn't get excited because there probably wouldn't be any toilet paper. Except that there was a full roll! And it even smelled nice inside. Honestly, it was like hitting the $100M jackpot!

After that, I felt much better and continued on the rest of my run. Even though the second half of the run definitely dragged my average down, I'm not too upset with myself. All this long distance running is good practice for the big marathon day and it's all a learning experience. I'm just glad I had company for the fun half of the run!

This means that I did 23.25 miles for this week's marathon training. I thought I'd be done and over the 24 that I was supposed to do, but I somehow miscalculated (which, if you know me personally, is a pretty easy thing for me to do). I don't think that 0.75 miles will really be the make it or break it, though, so I'm fine with how things ended up.

Time: 1:26:30
Distance: 7.10 miles
Pace: 12:10/mile
Calories: 732
Maximum HR: 182 (86%)
Average HR: 164 (77%)

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