Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer Streets, Take 2

This morning we ended up sleeping in a bit later than usual. I had a long run to do, but because it's been a bit overcast (but still humid) I wasn't as worried about getting up an at 'em first thing today.

I think I left the apartment at 10:40, which I probably normally wouldn't do, but it ended up working out perfectly. I was planning on doing something very similar to last Saturday and running Summer Streets. I was a little concerned about my late start and road crowding, but I just hoped for the best.

I ran from our apartment through the Park to 72nd Street and the start of Summer Streets. There were definitely more people out at 11am than there had been at 7am, but most people were biking and stayed on the half of the road assigned to bikers.

The biggest difference between last week and this week was that there were a lot more cross streets open this time. I stopped my watch when I had to wait for the light to turn green and I was standing still. I think that's fair.

I only took one walking break, after I had run all the way downtown (probably somewhere in the 6 mile range). I had brought a mini Clif bar with me and while I ate it, I walked for a couple of blocks. Otherwise, I ran the entire way (unless stopped at a cross street).

After the Clif bar, I was pretty thirsty, but I had heard one of the volunteers at the Soho rest stop say that there was water there. It turned out to be a drinking fountain that was hooked up to a NYC fire hydrant, but I had a nice long drink.

When I got back to 23rd Street, I went to see if I could get any free treats at the station there (where Drew spied the free mini Clif bars last week), but there was either nothing available or a really long line that I wasn't going to wait in.

I decided I'd go to a drug store (I think it was Walgreen's) and buy myself a Gatorade. Now, if you don't live in New York, you probably think this sounds really simple. However, there is something horrible about all NYC drugstores that cannot be explained. There are never enough cashiers and the line always takes forever. And usually, when you're almost to the front of the line, some store employee then announces that there are separate lines for each register and then 5 people cut in front of you. Anyway, it took longer to buy the Gatorade than you would think it would. I drank more than half of it in line. Might as well multi-task, right?

This whole drinking thing really has me questioning whether or not I should get a Fuel Belt. Frankly, I think they're sort-of dorky. However, I'm probably willing to overlook that when running double-digits and being thirsty. I know I won't get a hand-held water bottle (too many stories about them hurting your shoulders/running form), so I think I might just bite the bullet and go for dorky.

After getting the Gatorade, I knew I was getting close to being done. All I had to do was run less than 20 blocks north to our street and then run across town to get home.

I've still found that running slower like I have been has really increased my stamina for running. It's not fast, but I'm getting the job done. By the time I got done today, I still felt good, which gives me a lot of hope about doing a marathon. The only thing that was tired were my knees. And they definitely don't hurt and they're not sore, it really just feels like they're tired.

I was 0.05 short of my goal of 11 miles today, which is the exact number I was short last week too. I knew I'd be somewhere between 10.5 and 11 miles today, but to do 10.95 is sort-of annoying!

I'm not sure I'll really be doing any cross training tomorrow as the plan calls for. Drew is participating in the Spartan Race, so I'm just going to call spectating/photo taking cross training and call it a day. I think that is probably exactly what Hal Higdon had in mind!

Time: 2:01:13
Distance: 10.95 miles
Pace: 11:04/mile
Calories: 1164
Maximum HR: 86%
Average HR: 82%

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  1. Sounds like you need a fuel belt. They are dorky, but who cares when you are running 10+ miles? It took me a few runs to get used to it but now I hardly notice. Plus, I like that you can sip the water throughout the run instead of trying to drink a whole bunch when you stop for a drink (that usually makes my stomach hurt).