Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Tight Spot

Today ended up being a lazy day in our apartment. The weather wasn't looking so great, although I'm not really sure that it did ever end up raining, but the threat of it was enough to keep us mostly indoors with one trip outside for some grocery shopping at Whole Foods. As a result of the weather and our laziness today, we didn't end up doing any cardio.

I still had my Ab Challenge to follow through on and I asked Drew if he'd want to do it with me. He didn't seem overly excited, but he agreed. I told him that we'd do 15 minutes of exercises. Since there are two of us and only one Swiss Ball, we set-up two "stations" for exercising. One person would use the Swiss Ball and the other person would do some body-weight exercise of their choosing (push-ups / sit-ups / crunches / squats).

It's sort-of impossible to explain how ridiculous this is in a New York City apartment. One "station" is a yoga mat positioned between the coffee table and the TV. The other "station" is an exercise mat positioned between the dining room table and the computer desk. And, frankly, calling it a dining room table would sort-of indicate that we have a dining room when that really isn't the case at all.

Really, the only way to do this justice at all is to show you photos (and the lighting in our apartment is ridiculously bad).

The top of this photo is where our TV resides and the bottom of this photo is the coffee table, which is next to the couch. You can see that there is a lot of space for Swiss Ball exercises here:

And, then, here's the other "station". That's the computer desk chair on the left and our mess surrounding the dining table (that's more of a place to set things down than a table used for dining) on the right:

Basically, the point is that at moment, one of us could have kicked the other in the head without any trouble at all. It's fairly ridiculous and we actually have a decent-sized apartment! I actually had fun doing this with Drew, although I'm not sure that he thought it was fun. It made me feel better that even on this lazy Sunday, I still stuck with the challenge and did the work!

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