Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Recovery Run

After the big trial run yesterday, Drew and I went home, showered and then headed to New Jersey. My dad got a new job and will be moving from New Jersey to Georgia, so we went out there to hang out with him (probably for the last time in a while) before he moves! After a leisurely lunch out, we all headed back to their house and spent a good part of the afternoon and evening disassembling and packing up Legos.

Now might be a good time to explain that my dad is a Legomaniac. I'm not really sure that does it justice, but the jist of it is that his basement was filled with Lego Land and it all had to be taken down before the movers came. So, we spent our time filling up Ziploc bags with all the Legos! This was test #1 for my legs -- standing on a concrete floor for several hours.

These pictures don't really do it justice as I realized I should take some photos after we had already been working for over an hour and lots of stuff was already bagged up!

Last night Drew as we were about to head off to bed, Drew reminded me that I hadn't yet done the Ab Challenge for the day. Instead of just giving up and ignoring it, I actually did 5 continuous minutes of ab exercises while laying on the bed. Maybe that doesn't count 100%, but it was still hard. I did crunches, crunches on both sides, leg raises and some Pilates 100s. Then it was time for bed!

This morning, Drew and I slept in, which is really rare for us. I'm a really good sleeper, but he normally gets up and going a lot earlier than I'd like to, so it was a nice treat to sleep in until 9:30. We got up and ate a little something and then donned our running gear.

Drew had been wanting me to show him for some time now the strides and drills we do at Terrier on Tuesday mornings. So, today seemed like just as good of a day as any other, so we did all sorts of funny drills back and forth in front of my dad's house. I'm pretty sure that my dad and step-mom got a good chuckle out of watching us doing some of them!

After doing the typical Terrier warm-up, we headed off on a slow recovery run for me (test #2 for my legs). I felt like I was running a bit faster than I would have wanted, but looking at the times, I guess it was about right on. I actually think that part of the issue was the fact that we didn't start running until after 10 AM and that's not always the best idea in the summer around these parts. I was definitely getting a headache at the end and did some walking as well.

My legs actually felt pretty great. I was pleasantly surprised. I did wear my compression sleeves overnight and then while we were running just as a precaution, but I honestly felt great. Which means ... I'm pretty sure I'm solidly a YES for the Philadelphia Marathon! Of course, I still have to sign up. Crazy, I know. Even crazier, I'm getting all nervous about picking the right training plan. I don't want to give up entirely on biking and swimming, but I also want to make sure I am doing enough running miles.

Anyone have any suggestions on what plan to use?

Time: 30:00
Distance: 2.75 miles
Pace: 10:54/mile

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  1. As you saw on my blog, I'm using the FIRST plan and so far it is going well. It only has 3 days of running, each with a very specific purpose. I also like that the long runs build up for 3-4 weeks and then come down a week and then build again. The plan I choose is a tiny bit different then the one I posted on my blog. It is a novice FIRST marathon plan: