Friday, August 6, 2010

2 Push-Ups And A Plank

Thursday was a bit of a disaster. I was going to get up and go to the Terrier brick, but right at the last possible second where I could get out of bed and make it on time, there was a huge thunderclap that sent me back under the covers. Of course, I then ended up working late, so I just went straight home after work. Drew made dinner for us and then we did the Ab Challenge together.

We did the same thing where there were two stations and one person used the Swiss Ball and the other did body-weight exercises. On the first round, Drew used the ball and I did the body-weight stuff. I did two push-ups and then decided I didn't really want to do push-ups, so I did a plank instead. Since he was going to do the same thing as me, he asked if that was really what he was supposed to do, two push-ups and a plank? I thought it worked fine. I don't know what he was complaining about.

A lot of the Swiss Ball exercises have you hold them for a count of 5. Drew is a really fast counter, which I think is a little bit of cheating. But, it'll be his loss at the end of this whole experiment! I can't believe it's already been over a week since I started and even more unbelievably, I can't believe I've done it every day.

Of course, in full disclosure, we did go and get ice cream after the Ab Challenge last night. I'm not sure if is the point of the Ab Challenge or not, but it seemed like it was probably a wash. We both got fat free, after all!

This morning I took the lazy route again (but I did do the Ab Challenge). Mainly because I have big plans for Saturday morning. The big plans? A long run. Why, you may ask? Oh, because a woman I work with is trying to talk me into doing the Philadelphia Marathon with her! I haven't decided yet. I'm 15 weeks away from the race, so it seems like it should be plenty of time to get into marathon shape. I'd actually been thinking that after giving up on Timberman, this would be a good year to run a marathon, so this might be the push I needed.

Also, truthfully, I'm a person who needs to be scared into working out. Otherwise I'm all too happy to stay in bed and sleep the morning away. I need to have something looming on the horizon and a marathon would certainly do that. The point of this long run is to see how I feel and then make up my mind all the way. I'd say that I've got a foot firmly planted in the "yes" camp and a foot firmly planted in the "maybe" camp. This run will sort-of decide which way I end up leaning.

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  1. Totally go for the Marathon! You will have to start TODAY, but you can totally do it!