Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Hope She Holds Out

First, I decided on a plan! I decided to go with Hal Higdon for a couple of reasons. The first being, it's pretty simple. It's basically just straight running. My half-marathon plan was sort-of complicated with all those pick-ups and extra things and all I really want to do is run. This plan fits that bill. Since the regular plan was 18 weeks, I just knocked off the first three weeks, so this is what I'll be doing:

Of course, I decided this yesterday after not running, so I'm already off to a really great start. I should still hit my weekly total, so I'm not too worried. This morning I was planning on getting up and going to the Terrier brick, but when my alarm went off at 4:55, I decided that was too early to get up and I'd get up later and just go running instead.

Drew really didn't believe me that I would get up and go running. He went off to the gym and I told him that I would get up, but I'm sure that he thought that there was no way I'd actually do it. But, I did. Mostly to prove him wrong. And even after I got up, got dressed, ate and got downstairs and discovered it was lightly raining, I still went running. I figured I had already gotten out of bed and I'd get sweaty anyway, so what was the difference?

Unfortunately, the rain didn't last that long, so it didn't do much for cooling off the city. We're supposed to be getting more rain later today, so perhaps that will help. I started running right away (not wanting to be out in the rain any longer than necessary) and ran into the Park. Shortly after I started running, two guys ran up behind me and passed me. While that was happening, I overheard a short part of their conversation which went something like this, "My wife is due three days after the marathon ... I hope she holds out!" I hope, for that guy's sake, that she does too!

The running today was good. I'm glad I got up and went. I was thinking about all the miles I'll put in between now and the marathon and was wondering how many exactly it would end up being. The plan is a total of 430.2 miles. If I did every single mile, that would mean that my running ticker over there on the left would end up at over 900 by the time the marathon is done. I'm guessing that might be a tiny bit ambitious, especially considering the fact that I know myself and I know I won't make every single run, but I'm hoping for something over 870!

Time: 38:36
Distance: 3.70 miles
Pace: 10:25/mile
Calories: 345
Maximum HR: 181 (85%)
Average HR: 166 (78%)


  1. I am doing the same plan. Not sure if I will ever want to run a stand alone 5 miler every again after this training cycle! haha!

  2. This is what I get for being behind of my reader - this looks like a great plan!