Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Two Amys

Tonight I had made myself a reservation at the pool at 8:30. I wasn't overly excited about how late that was, but I know I need to get in some good swims over the next two weeks and the only way to do that is to get in the pool. Once I thought about it, though I was actually thinking that 8:30 (PM) wasn't the worst time. Our gym pool closes at 9:15 and that meant that there wouldn't be anyone getting in the pool after me, so if my workout ran a little bit over, it wouldn't be the end of the world.

I figured that I would just try to do the 2000 yard workout that was on the training plan from Sunday that I didn't do then. It was pretty simple: 250 Warm-Up / 1500 yards / 250 Cool-Down. The only hitch is, of course, that our gym's pool is only 18 yards, so that meant that I was planning on doing 112 lengths of the pool (2016 yards).

I got to the pool a little early in the hopes that it wouldn't be too crowded and I could just get in early. Not the case at all. It was crazy busy! I checked in with the lifeguard and as I was sitting there waiting for it to be 8:30, the lifeguard called over to me and told me that there were two people named Amy that had a reservation at 8:30. Great. Typical. All I could think of for the next 5 minutes was that I wouldn't even be able to swim.

Except, I got really lucky. The lifeguard had both of us (the two Amys) go into the same lane at 8:30. And she was an awesome swimmer! And by awesome, I don't mean Olympic quality, but she was definitely a swimmer, she stuck to her side of the lane, and she didn't float around and get in my way the whole time. Which let me just put the pedal to the metal and swim swim swim. I don't think I took any rest breaks, I just swam straight through.

At some point, a guy got in the lane next to me and I found him to be really distracting. He was pretty much the same pace as me, so we'd turn around and push off the wall at the exact same second, but that wasn't the distracting part. The distracting part was his stroke. I just couldn't stop staring at it. He was swimming freestyle, but his arms looked like was swimming backstroke. He never bent his elbows. It was the weirdest thing. I just kept watching him, he probably thought I was the creepy girl at the pool.

At 9:00, I had managed to do most of my workout, but I still had a few more lengths to go to reach my goal for the night. I peeked around and noticed that the lifeguard wasn't on the pool deck (he was in the office), so I figured that I'd just finish up as quickly as I could and then head out. I only went a couple minutes over my allotted time and there wasn't anyone waiting to get in, so I don't feel bad about it.

I actually thought that I had a really good swim while I was swimming, although it felt like I was slower than I had been on Saturday when I was wearing my wetsuit. The funny thing is that I did actually swim faster today, but I attribute that to the fact that on Saturday I took a few more rest breaks, which all add up and today I just swam straight through.

Time: 32:33
Distance: 2016 yards (1.14 miles)
Pace: 28:24/mile
Calories: 326
Maximum HR: 169
Average HR: 159

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  1. I'm impressed, even if you think this swim was slower than an earlier one. I am a horrible swimmer and wish I was better. I could never do a tri and admire those who do!