Monday, April 12, 2010

It Smells Delicious!

This morning I decided in the interest of really sticking with this biking as much as I can before I lose my bike plan, I should skip the usual Monday day off and go for a bike ride instead. I had a doctor's appointment before work, so I had to leave the apartment at 8:10 (instead of my usual 9:00), so I got up early and planned on riding for about an hour.

I got to the Park around 5:30 and it was so peaceful and quiet. The weather was 54, according to my phone. After yesterday's overheating, I decided to wear shorts and two long-sleeved shirts. I think for about the first five minutes of riding my hands were cold, but I warmed up pretty quickly and was then perfect. Of course, the sun wasn't shining - it was pretty dark when I got to the Park!

The thing I noticed most about my ride today is that there was hardly anyone else out and about. There were probably the same amount of runners as usual, but the big "biker gangs" (as Drew calls them) weren't out on a Monday morning. All the birds were chirping and everything is in bloom in the Park and it just smells delicious. It'll be hard to remember that in a couple months when it's really hot and everything has the faint smell of garbage to it.

Not a very exciting ride this morning, I just did two loops in the Park and headed home. Nothing particularly noteworthy to mention. I stood up a couple times on the downhills to get my rear-end out of the seat. I seriously have to force myself to sit down when I first get on the bike. I try to hold myself up and just lightly rest my rear on the seat until my quads get tired of that and I sigh and resign myself to sitting down. Overall I think my rear is getting more and more used to sitting in a bike seat and I'm now determined to not have to break it in again, so hopefully I won't ever have to complain about all of this ever again!

Time: 53:59
Distance: 12.10 Miiles
Pace: 13.45 MPH
Calories: 450
Maximum HR: 159
Average HR: 142
Total Distance Biking: 13.50 miles

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  1. I love the smell of the park in the spring too. Soon it will just smell like horse poop :(