Saturday, April 10, 2010

Girl vs. Bike Round 2

Oh, what's that? You're surprised that I could get another flat so soon? Ha. This is the story of my life. Here's the flat tire in all of its glory (the front wheel again):

(That's Drew's bike in the background looking all smug and perfectly pumped up).

Since I was hoping to do the same route that I was planning on doing on Wednesday night when I got a flat, I'm thinking that I should never want to do that route ever again. I'm not even going to mention it here. Drew told me that he thinks that someone is trying to tell me that I should just stop riding my bike. Maybe I should only do aquathons from now on?

After this failure and because the bike shop wasn't open yet for me to go buy a new bicycle (okay, okay, I would have probably only gotten a new tube and maybe a tire), I did what any good triathlete would do. I made a cake. Oh, and how did that go you wonder? Here it is baking in the oven (it's blueberry buttermilk cake):

And here it is out of the oven:

Looks good, right?

Um, yeah, except this is what happened when I flipped it to take it out of the pan. I try to keep it clean on the blog, but I promise you that the were many curse words floating around when that happened.

I'm giving up for the moment and I'm going to go take a shower and go to lunch with a friend who is in town. One could only hope that I can't screw that up too. I will regroup on the workout front later on today.

To recap, it's Bike = 2 / Girl = 1

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  1. Even though the cake maybe doesn't LOOK all that good, I'll bet it tastes good.

    Would you post the recipe?