Sunday, April 4, 2010

Let's Stick It To The Man

To keep accountable from now on, I'll be posting my weekly workout schedule. My half-Ironman training officially starts on Tuesday of this week, so this is what Week 1 will look like (click for larger image):

My current plan is to post the week's plan and also post what I actually did during the prior week. I'm hoping that this keeps me accountable and on track to completing the training as it's laid out. I should mention, however, that I know that I will not be doing these things on the days that they're listed. My main goal it to make sure the totals at the bottom add up. The only thing about the totals for swimming is that I put in an hour of time for the swimming in the log no matter what the distance was. So, my times for swimming might be short each week, but I am going to try to go the distances that the plan calls for.

After eating lunch and taking a short nap this afternoon, I headed off to Terrier swim practice. I was actually looking forward to testing out my goggles again! I got to the pool and noticed that there had only been about 5-6 people for the 3:30 swim (I went to the later swim at 4:30). That didn't seem so surprising given the holiday weekend.

I changed into my swimsuit and went out onto the pool deck. And I was the only person there! I asked the lifeguard if the coach had left for the day and he said that no coach showed up at 3:30. I checked to make sure we could still swim and after he said yes, I hopped in the pool. I figured I might as well make the most of my hour.

There was a work-out posted on the dry-erase board by the pool, so I started doing the warm-up listed there. I didn't know if it was a Terrier workout or something else, but I figured it was better than nothing and I didn't have any great ideas of things to do. After I had started swimming, two more guys came to the workout. One of them told me that the earlier group had done 12 x 100 at race pace as the main set. We figured we'd do that too.

Except when I was about to start the main set, I commented that I thought it didn't sound fun (I think I actually said, "that sounds sucky"), so the guy asked if we should do 6 x 200 instead. He said that we should "stick it to the man" and do what we felt like doing. We both thought that 6 intervals sounded better than 12, so that's what we did.

This was my workout:

300 Swim, every 3rd length breaststroke
6 x 75 Swim/Drill/Kick (Rest: 0:15)

Main Set
6 x 200 Swim at Race Pace (Rest 0:30)

200 Kick
200 Swim Easy
100 Breaststroke

Total: 2300 yards (1.30 miles)

For the drills in the warm-up, I did a mixture of one-armed drills and fisting drills. I also did the kicking with a board since it worked out to leave it at one end and pick it up on the next set. For the main set, I finished the 200s around 3:30/3:40 each time, which I was pretty happy with. There was some discussion about what defines "race pace" and how impossible that is to duplicate in a pool.

After I was done with the main set, I still had some time left, and I thought I should use up the whole hour as best as I could instead of sneaking out early, so I did some kicking, easy free and then some breaststroke. Seemed like a good way to get another 500 yards in.

Even though there wasn't a coach there today, I'm still really glad that I went and had such a good long swim. I think working at "race pace" really made me think about being tired in the water and pushing through. I also think that the 200s were better than 100s would have been in that situation.

Time: 56:59
Distance: 2300 yards (1.30 miles)
Pace: 43:47/mile
Calories: 521
Maximum HR: 168
Average HR: 150

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