Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sigh. I Quit.

Wednesday was a well-deserved rest day after 4 days of running. That meant that today was back to the grindstone. Except that I didn't really feel like getting up this morning to go running. Which was okay, because I felt like I had a new tactic in going to the gym after work. I'd simply wait a bit (like an hour or so after getting home from work) and hope that it thinned out a bit by the time I got there.

Turns out that's not really the case. It's just busy all the time in the evenings, I guess. Either way, I was determined that since I had gotten back on the plan on Tuesday that I'd continue that trend tonight. Which meant that the plan was 6 miles, including 4 x 2:00 AI + 6 GP. Okay - that's not too bad. I figured I might just go ahead and skip those intervals, but I actually don't mind the pick-ups, so I figured I would do 6 miles + 6 pick-ups.

Except my lower body didn't really feel like that tonight. I've been thinking for a while now (about a week or so), especially as I've watched that mileage ticker increase over there on the right hand side, that I was probably about due for new shoes. My shins have not been all that happy, my arches have not been all that comfortable and my right knee seems to be weird every now and then. All of this adds up to the fact that when I started running tonight, it was bad. Everything that could hurt did hurt.

I tried slowing down from 6.0 to 5.0. I tried taking the incline down to 0%. I tried walking for a few minutes. Nothing helped. After two miles, I realized that this was an exercise in futility and I should just quit. And that's what I did. I'm not proud of it and in fact, I'm annoyed at myself for not realizing the shoe thing earlier (or, more accurately, not acting on it and buying new shoes!).

So, I'm a quitter. I went from thinking that 32-34 miles this week was actually obtainable to thinking that I'll be lucky to hit 20 miles this week. And I'm really frustrated about that. Of course, it's snowing like crazy here in New York and we're supposed to be going to Michigan this weekend to visit my family and friends, so if we do in fact actually get to fly there tomorrow night, I won't have time to buy new shoes this weekend. If we don't get off the ground and spend the weekend here, my first order of business will be to head to Jack Rabbit and get myself some new Mizunos!

Time: 24:22
Distance: 2.00 miles
Pace: 12:11/mile
Calories: 258
Maximum HR: 172
Average HR: 157

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