Tuesday, June 1, 2010


This morning I headed off to the Park to do some walking and some running. I also wanted to avoid seeing the Terriers. Somehow, I just feel bad when I see them in the Park and I'm not working out with them. Like I'm cheating somehow. Even though I'm obviously injured and there isn't really anything I can do, I just feel weird about it for some reason.

I walked to the Park and then once I got there, I decided that I would do a mixture of running and walking today. I started out with 10 minutes of running. While I was running, of course I happened to run by the Terriers as they were on their way to the S to do some speed work. I tried to keep my head down and just keep on my way. When I got to Cat Hill, after just about 10 minutes of running, I decided that 10 minutes of walking would be in order!

After the walking, I went back to 10 more minutes of running and finished up the whole thing with some walking. I decided to cross the street so that I wouldn't have to walk by everyone doing speed work, which might be lame, but I just feel bad that I'm out there doing my own thing instead of participating with the team. Because it's not that I don't like them! I miss doing the team workouts, but I know that if I go to them, I'll push myself way too hard, which wouldn't be good at all.

Time: 38:08
Distance: 3.60 miles
Pace: 10:35/mile
Calories: 427
Maximum HR: 189
Average HR: 169

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  1. :) Nice job sneaking those runs in! I'm sure I'd be doing the same thing!