Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Other Kind Of Brick

First, I should mention that after my run on Sunday with Drew, we got into a big discussion about heart rates and since my 202 max heart rate that I reached on our run was 105% of the max on my watch, he said that I should really adjust it since I didn't keel over and die. We settled on upping my max heart rate to 212. I'm going to see how that works percentage wise from now on. Hopefully it'll be more realistic to how fast my heart is actually beating.

Yesterday, I spent as I spend most Mondays -- sleeping in! Something about facing the work week just makes my body want to stay in bed. It's hard to argue with such good logic. This morning, however, was a different story. Drew had made reservations for both of us at the gym so that we could go swimming. I think that you get a little bit cheated if you make a reservation for 6:00. The gym opens its doors at 6:00, then you have to go drop off your stuff in a locker, rinse off and then get in the pool. By that point, 5-7 minutes have elapsed. Not a huge deal for me at the moment to get a full 30 minutes in the pool, but an annoyance nonetheless.

I tried to swim mostly at my own pace. I did stop a couple of times to check on Drew and he also asked me to watch him a few times and give him some pointers, but I was timing myself fairly roughly on the 200s (technically its 198 yards since the pool is so funny) and each one ended up with the 100s on the 1:50, which isn't awesome for me, but it's not too bad. I was pleasantly surprised that I was still swimming about the same pace without pushing myself at all. This was more my relax and swim pace.

Drew looks perfect for the first two strokes that he takes off the wall. And then he sort-of just does whatever he wants, it sort-of looks like to me. I know that swimming is fairly overwhelming with all the things to think about, but I've been trying to remind him to just slow down. Speed can come later. And he'll never make the distance if he can't slow down and relax in the water. I ended up doing 1080 yards (900 swimming and 180 kicking). Finally, over half a mile in the pool! Now we're getting back to business.

After a quick towel dry and changing into tri shorts (the entire time I was wishing I had just worn them in the pool!), I headed downstairs in the gym to ride the spin bike. I haven't done that at all recently and I wasn't sure how it would go. I got my bike shoes on, adjusted the bike, sat down and set-up the program I wanted to do. I decided on something between 35 and 40 minutes and did the Endurance program, Level 7. I chose Endurance because it doesn't have you up and out of the saddle a lot.

I started out like normal, but that didn't last long. I still can't really lean on my arm, which makes me think that my chances for real bike riding aren't that great at the moment. I ended up leaning mostly on my right arm and just having my left arm down for stability, but not putting any weight on it. I'm still hopeful that by next Sunday (the 6 week mark) I'll be magically healed. I kind-of doubt it though.

I think after about 7 minutes, my arm was ready for me to get off the bike. My legs, however, were willing to hang in there and my brain made my body stay on the bike. I think it was good for me in the long run to stay there and stick it out for the full time, even though I wanted to call it quits more than once.

Time: 25:23
Distance: 1080 yards / 0.61 miles
Pace: 41:36/mile
Calories: 151
Maximum HR: 155
Average HR: 131

Time: 35:35
Distance: 13.10 miles
Pace: 22.09 MPH
Calories: 280
Maximum HR: 166
Average HR: 152

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