Friday, June 11, 2010

How To Hang In There

The short answer is to get up and out of bed and to the gym. The longer answer is to have someone who pulls the covers off of you and says, "Let's go swimming!" I think that if my triathlon dreams don't work out for this year, I've got some back-up ideas swirling around in my head. We'll see what happens.

After getting dressed, eating a kid's bar (which I think are good, by the way), Drew and I headed off to the gymnasium. I had made us swimming reservations at 6 this morning and so when we got to the gym, we headed straight for the pool. I'm still a little bit annoyed at this whole 6 am reservation thing means that you really only get 23 minutes of swimming at best, but there isn't anything I can do about that. I'm just trying to remember that there are no junk laps!

Today I mostly just concentrated on myself instead of Drew. (sorry, Drew!) I am feeling better about my swimming today, so I think it might have been worth it. I didn't really give him any pointers, but the couple times I did watch him and check in with him, he seemed to be doing okay with everything. At first I was trying to keep track of his laps for him, but that got too complicated after a while, so I gave up. I figured if he really wanted to know, he could probably keep track for himself.

After about 19 minutes, Drew announced that he was done and was going to get out. I wanted to get to 60 lengths again today (I don't know why, but I just didn't want to be doing any less than before), so I stayed in and finished up really quickly. Funny thing about that? I still beat Drew out of the locker room and downstairs to do some cardio.

Drew chose his beloved Arc Trainer, but I went with the stairs. I decided to do Fat Burner, Level 7 for 40 minutes. It wasn't so bad for the first 27 minutes. Then I finished the book I was reading and I wasn't sure I could force myself to stay on for another 13 minutes without anything to read. Turns out that listening to some Stones will do the trick and keep me occupied. Of course, I felt like I was looking at my watch every two seconds waiting for it to reach 40 minutes, but time just kept passing at the same rate.

All in all, not the worst workout today. At least I did something, which is infinitely better than nothing. I'm trying not to beat myself up about skipping out on all those workouts over the last few weeks, but it's a lot easier to say than to do, as seems to be the case most times in life. Oh well. I've got big weekend plans, which aren't exactly workout related, but they're not completely unrelated either. And there are only 4 more days until I go back to the doctor!!

Time: 21:07
Distance: 1080 yards / 0.61 miles
Pace: 34:24/mile (now we're getting somewhere!)
Calories: 150
Maximum HR: 165
Average HR: 146
* I'm not 100% sold on this HR/Calorie information since at one point I looked down and it was flashing 00 for my heart rate ...

Stair Mill
Time: 40:00
Distance: 3.20 miles / 153 floors
Pace: 12:30/mile
Calories: 363
Maximum HR: 179
Average HR: 165

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  1. Good luck at the doctor tomorrow! I'm anxious to hear how it goes.