Monday, June 21, 2010

Back At It

Although last Wednesday was a good day for a quick bike ride, the rest of the week was a bit of a bust. Which ended up being just fine with me. I wasn't feeling well at all Thursday or Friday and then we were away over the weekend, so I didn't get anything in while we were gone. I did spend a lot of time thinking about what my decisions will be about these upcoming triathlons and the truth is that I'm still deciding.

I think what I really need to do is see what I'm capable of this week. All week long. I just need to get one really good week of workouts in and see how I feel at the end of it. I need to decide about Timberman next week, so after this week I should have a good measure of where I stand. In an effort to erase this weekend and get a good start, I went out for a run this morning.

Drew told me afterward that he was really surprised that I actually woke up and went running, but I did indeed! Drew and I signed up for a race this weekend that is 5 miles and I was a little bit worried about it, so I decided to see what I could do today.

I took what is sort-of becoming my regular route. I ran up the road in the Park, heading north, until I got to the Reservoir. From there, I ran on the Bridle Path around the Reservoir and then back south again. Nothing too notable about the run. Except that I didn't run all the way. I ran about 20 minutes and then walked for about a minute. Then when I finished getting back around the Reservoir, I walked again for another minute or two, even.

I had a rough idea of how far the distance was and I was trying to finish up in less than 10 minute miles, even with the walking breaks. And I did! I'm really proud of that fact, especially since I'd estimate that I spent at least 3 (but maybe 4) minutes walking instead of running. Ever since I had been doing some power walking, I think that's really helped me.

Since I started really running again I've decided that if I feel like I need to take a walking break and catch my breath a bit, I should do it, but I should also not drag my heels and do regular walking, I should try to push myself and power walk and remember all the times before when I was power walking and all I wanted to do was run. Something about that makes me pick up my feet and start running again.

In order to try to keep myself accountable for this week, this is my rough plan for the rest of the week right now:

Tuesday: Terrier run
Wednesday: Biking
Thursday: Terrier brick and 3 mile Wall Street run
Friday: Gym day?
Saturday: 5 mile Central Park run
Sunday: Terrier swim

Some of this is dependent on the weather, so I'm going to go ahead and keep my fingers crossed!

Time: 45:30
Distance: 4.60 miles
Pace: 9:53/mile
Calories: 450
Maximum HR: 188 (89%)
Average HR: 174 (82%)

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