Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Healing Hot Tub

Since I'm still waiting for my doctor's appointment tomorrow morning, I feel like I shouldn't workout until I get some sort of diagnosis from the doctor. I somehow managed to talk Laura into meeting me at Battery Park to have a hot tub session this morning!

Even though it is not convenient at all to get there (really, it's crossing the Westside Highway that's the pain in the neck), I think that it was totally worth it. We met at 8 and ended up sitting in the hot tub for about a half an hour. I think that's definitely something I'm supposed to be doing to make my arm feel better, right?

Even if it's not, I felt better by getting up and doing something before work this morning. Kinda like my old routine. The thing is that I have really been wishing this week that I could get outside and do some working out. Even though I know I have to wait for the doctor to give his okay...

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