Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Week Later...

OK, so, here I go again with excuses and nonsense and things out of my control. And no working out. Just remember, you've been warned.

Last Wednesday (12/23), I opted to sleep in and skip the gym. We were supposed to be flying to Wisconsin that evening and I figured I had enough on my plate as it was. We got to the airport to find out that our plane was delayed by an hour, and then another hour, and then another hour, oh, and then another hour ... and then canceled! So, that meant waiting around for an hour and a half to get our checked bags back and then taking a taxi home. While we were waiting for the bags, we found out that we had been booked on a flight on Friday (12/25) that would take us from JFK to Norfolk, VA to Atlanta, GA and then to Milwaukee, WI, but we wouldn't get in until about 8 PM on Friday night.

Um, so, that sounded pretty bad. We'd miss Christmas! I should just say that neither Drew or I believe in the Jesus aspect of the holiday and we prefer to celebrate the family togetherness aspect of the holiday (plus the Santa part), so we didn't like this option that the airline came up with for us. We had pretty much resigned ourselves to the fact that if we wanted to get there, we'd have to either fork over $1000 to get there or we'd have to try to reschedule (we were thinking originally we could go for New Year's Eve instead so we'd still have 4 days).

When we called the airlines to try to reschedule for New Year's Eve, the woman told Drew that we could take this same silly route from New York to Virginia to Georgia to Wisconsin on Thursday (12/24) and arrive in Wisconsin around 5:30 on Christmas Eve. So, although it wasn't our first choice of flight plans, it was obviously best for the spending time with the family and it seemed like there wasn't much of a choice to be made at that point. We tried to fall right to sleep on the 23rd (we got home after midnight) since we'd have to leave pretty early in order to tackle lines at the airport in advance of our 9:30 AM flight on Christmas Eve.

We got to the airport and after waiting in a completely unnecessary line, we boarded our first plane to Norfolk, VA. All of our connections worked out just fine and we actually made it into Milwaukee about 45 minutes early. Except, my bag didn't. This really was okay since I didn't have any presents in it (I had shipped them to Wisconsin before-hand), but a bummer nonetheless. As a result of this Christmas Eve flying instead of flying on the 23rd, we missed yoga on the 24th with Drew's sister (missed workout #1).

We headed off to Drew's parent's house and had a fantastic Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Christmas Day night (12/25) we went to see "Up in the Air", which I really liked. And when we got home from the movie, that's when the trouble started. Drew got sick. Really sick. So, that was no fun. And that meant that we would be missing our workout with his parents on the 26th (missed workout #2). I actually thought that it would be fun to go with his parents and show them what we normally do at the gym and maybe shake up their routine a little bit. So, since Drew was stuck on the couch, I ended up heading to the mall with his mom and sister instead. I'd like to count that as my pseudo-workout for the day.

We were flying home early on the 27th and I guessed that we'd be back in our apartment by 2:30, so I was thinking that would workout well and I could either try to get a run in (it was really warm in NYC that day) or head to the gym. Except that I got sick on the plane ride home. Really sick. The same sick that Drew had, except worse, I think. So, as a result of my sickness, I missed my Sunday workout (missed workout #3). And then I missed workouts Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday (missed workouts #4, #5 & #6, respectively).

I did come to work today mainly because I was feeling like I was obligated to come after missing Monday & Tuesday from illness, not because I was really feeling any better than yesterday. That makes me think that I'll also be missing a workout tomorrow too. I'm really trying to not feel down in the dumps about getting sick and having plane issues and all of this other stuff. I'm just trying to tell myself that I have plenty of time before I actually have to perform at any planned event and I'll get there with no trouble once I get back to feeling better. I would be shocked if I've consumed 3000 calories in the past three days, so it might take a while for me to get back to feeling 100% with the way this recovery is going. I am hoping that pretty soon I'll feel up to it so that I can go and do some low-impact cardio and at least get back on the wagon.

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  1. Rough week!! I'm sorry your flights ended up being such a mess and you got sick over the holidays. That sucks! You have plenty of time to make up the workouts though, so no worries. Feel better!

    By the way, my half-marathon training plan is based on the Runners World half-marathon combined with the marathon training plan. I kind of merged them.