Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tired At The Gymnasium

This morning I was exhausted. Drew got right up and started getting ready for the gym, which left me with no alternative but to do the same. Although I did sleep for an extra 10 minutes or so. When we were leaving the apartment and got outside, Drew realized that he forgot his iPod, so he went back to get it. I just kept walking to the gym. When he got to the gym 5 minutes later, I was still walking around trying to figure out what to do.

I was just so tired I couldn't make a decision. When Drew got there, he decided that we'd do stairs. Normally I always do the interval setting on the stair mill. I'm not sure I've ever done anything else. Well, this morning I decided to shake things up and do the Aerobic Training setting. I don't know if I liked it any more or less than normal. Well, I might have liked it a little bit more because even though the whole thing was a lot of intervals, they weren't as long as it is on just the purely interval level. I was definitely still as sweaty as usual, so there wasn't a lack of sweating on this different setting!

Once we were done on the stairs, Drew asked if I'd help spot him while he did some heavy bench presses. It took a little bit longer than I anticipated, but he did some really heavy lifts, the highest that he got to was doing a couple reps at 200, so I was definitely impressed with that! (Well, I helped him a little bit, but he still mostly did it himself). He wanted to some negatives and then have me help him lift the weight back up, but I told him that I was too nervous about the weight falling and crushing him, so we didn't do that.

Because the weight lifting took a little longer than I thought it would, I didn't really have time to do another set of cardio like I had been planning. So, instead, I just hopped on the treadmill and did one quick mile (in about 10 minutes). I don't have any sort of statistics from the treadmill because I thought I had started my watch, but apparently I forgot so I didn't realize it until I was already more than halfway done.

I finished up with some stretching and then headed home to go to work for the day. Yes, that's right, I'm spending this Saturday at work. I guess there are worse things, but I'm tired and wishing it wasn't the case today.

Stair Mill
Time: 30:04
Distance: 2.92 miles (140 floors)
Pace: 10:17/mile
Calories: 317
Maximum HR:170
Average HR: 157

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