Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Guest Post: 2009 Year In Review: NYC Pools

This is Laura, a friend of Drew and Amy, as well as Amy's frequent Wednesday morning swim partner. After I posted (on Facebook) my top-ten list of NYC pools for 2009, most of which I have been to with Amy, Amy and Drew suggested that I turn it into a guest post for her blog. I will admit that this list is somewhat Brooklyn-centric (and otherwise slightly biased), but putting that aside, and without further ado, here is my top-ten list of NYC pools for 2009. Now all we need is for Amy to make her own list so we can compare and contrast!

(10) Asphalt Green - this would be ranked higher if it weren't so far away from everything. Full 50m pool, and a beautiful one besides - but not really worth the commute during the week.

(9) Riverbank State Park - another lovely 50m pool, and home of some good TNT memories besides.

(8) Battery Park Fitness - okay, technically, I haven't gotten in the pool here, because the one time we tried, it was too tiny and crowded. But the hot tub, when it's working, is very nice.

(7) The 14th Street Y - because that's where I basically learned to swim. Yes, the pool is small, but it's conveniently located and I have good swimming memories here.

(6) The 92nd Street Y - the pool was kind of meh, but the hot tub was pretty sweet.

(5) Manhattan Plaza Health Club - sun roof + hot tub. Need I say more?

(4) The Dodge - because that's where all the cool Brooklyn kids swim.

(3) The Reebok Sports Club - the gym was too fancy; the pool was okay; but the hot tub, however, was out of this world.

(2) The JCC - I think it's the most beautiful pool in the city, second to none.

(1) LIU - because it's home.

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