Friday, October 15, 2010

Same Temperature, But Colder

Normally when I'm a bad blogger, it means I've also been a bad exerciser.  Not so today!  I'm actually doing really well with my mileage so far this week.  Funny how that works when you actually stick to the plan.  I keep looking back on my past weeks and feeling down on myself about lots of missed miles.  But, let's get to the actual workouts...

Yesterday I was supposed to run 8 miles, but I wasn't quite sure I'd have enough time for that.  The past few mornings have involved some version of the following events:

1.  Alarm goes off
2.  I press snooze
3.  Alarm goes off
4.  I press snooze
5.  Drew wakes up and says, "You should get up!"
6.  Alarm goes off
7.  I press snooze
8.  Drew pokes me and says "You need to go running!"
9.  Alarm goes off
10. I press snooze

So, you know, I've been waiting until the last possible second to get out of bed and actually get some miles in before work.  Hoping to do a better job on that next week, but in truth, I'm just bad at waking up.

Yesterday it was 50 when I was leaving and I threw on a long-sleeved shirt and capris.  I wasn't really sure that I needed to be wearing capris, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I might want to wear them for the marathon, so I figured I should get in some practice runs.  I headed to the Westside Path and had a nice run down and up the island. 

The big news from yesterday is that I ate a Gu.  And it didn't even give me any stomach issues like it has in the past.  I had a free Gu from the swag from my Central Park Biathlon and wanted to try it on a shorter run so that if I did have any issues, I wouldn't be ruining a long run.  The flavor I had was Vanilla Bean and I wasn't sure how it would taste.  Tasted kind of like frosting and as soon as I ate the first bit, I wasn't really sure I wanted to be eating frosting while running.  But then my tummy seemed okay with it, so maybe I actually do want to be eating frosting while running? 

I'm hoping to give this another shot on this weekend's "long run", which is actually a step-back week, so long is only 13!  I'm hopeful that the added calories will help me feel better (and maybe less thirsty?) at the end of these runs.

Today was also 50 and since I was a bit warm yesterday, I wore a slightly thinner long-sleeved shirt and capris again.  Except that the wind today was a bit crazy and I was really glad to have on as many clothes as I did, especially while starting running and waiting to warm up!  This morning I decided to go to the Park and was thinking I'd do the same run I did on Wednesday.

Except that when I got to the Reservoir, I realized that I haven't run on the Bridle Path in quite some time, so I decided to do a loop around there and then head back home.  It rained like crazy last night and the puddles on the path were pretty huge.  I felt like I added on an additional half mile just running back and forth around all the puddles! 

When I was running today, I was thinking about marathon and those missed miles that I have.  I can't go back and redo those weeks and I certainly don't think I can try to make up for them.  So, I just decided that I'm going to try to take a new outlook on the situation and say that every mile I run from now on will make the marathon a tiny bit easier.  We'll see how long this lasts. 

Thursday Running, Westside Path
Time: 1:15:00
Distance: 7.10 miles
Pace: 10:35/mile

Friday Running, Central Park
Time: 54:40
Distance: 5.10 miles
Pace: 10:48/mile

I can't believe how close to the end I'm getting of the Wardrobe Challenge.  I know that being busy with work and running have really helped time fly by. 

Wednesday night (Day 24), I went out after work to the Ingrid Michaelson concert and felt obligated to take a photo to show you my after-work outfit.  Purple long-sleeved shirt, black v-neck sweater, jeans, silver circle earrings and gray Converse:

Thursday, Day 25: Gray skirt, green turtleneck, gray tights, green and silver earrings.  Worn with black flats (my right pinky toe is sore and the flats were the most comfortable shoes).

Friday, Day 26: Black pants, blue sweater, diamond earrings and two gold bangle bracelets.  Worn with the high-heeled mary janes, of course!


  1. Your mornings sound like my mornings!! Curtis used to always get on my case for setting my alarm to go off every 5 minutes in the mornings. :)

    Is your work schedule still really busy? How much longer?

  2. I am the same way in the morning. I ALWAYS push the snooze multiple times, even if I'm not tired!

    You are doing really well with the challenge!!!!