Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jingle Jangle Morning

This morning was a chilly one here in the Big Apple.  I'm thinking that Fall might finally be here to stay, which is a bit of a bummer.  Even though the summer was brutally hot, I really prefer that to fall and winter.  Oh well.  I dragged myself out of bed this morning to go running.  In truth, I actually got up yesterday, put on running clothes and then got back into bed wearing all my running clothes, including socks and hat and went back to bed for another hour and a half.  So, I guess that just proves that getting dressed isn't half the battle.  Getting yourself out the door is! 

I managed to get out the door today, so that seems like a good first step.  I think I'll still be okay in the miles department.  I was always sort-of planning on having a step-back week this week since Drew's parents and sister will be visiting starting tomorrow.  On tap for today was 5 miles.  I don't really have a good 5-mile route.  Which is funny because there is a really good 5 mile route in the Park, but I've been including the mileage running to and from the Park and I can't quite get it to work out perfectly yet.

So, I ran to the Park and was wearing shorts and a long-sleeved shirt.  I had been thinking of wearing a thin one, but when I realized that it was still pretty chilly, I decided on a thicker one that had a back pocket.  I stuck my keys in there and they jingled along the whole time I was running.  Which, I'm going to be honest, was sort-of annoying.  And immediately this song got stuck in my head.  While I really like the song, I could only think of the phrase "in the jingle jangle morning I'll come following you".  It's a lot better when you can think of more words to repeat, I think. 

There was actually a second jingle jangle incident this morning.  I'm running down the west side of the road in the Park and I hear someone ringing and ringing a bike bell.  I didn't really think anything of it because I was in the running lane.  But, a guy comes up behind me on his bike and yells, "HEY!" and then proceeds to keep riding in the running lane.  I know I'm a pretty big stickler on the rules and while that is the bike lane when cars are allowed in the Park, in the early morning and at night when there are no cars, it's for pedestrians!  Of course, I felt obligated to yell after the biker and tell him the rules, which only makes me look crazy, I think. 

I decided not to run all the way home since I knew that I'd already gone well over 5 miles and it was getting late and I don't do well with pedestrian traffic on the sidewalks, so I just walked home from the Park.  Worked out pretty well overall, though!

Time: 59:01
Distance: 5.65 miles
Pace: 10:26/mile

Still enjoying the Wardrobe Challenge.  Pretty sure that both Monday and Tuesday's outfits are new ones (combos not yet worn), which seems impressive to me this late in the game. 

Monday, Day 22: Black short-sleeved sweater, gray skirt.  Worn with black flats (although I did bring heels to work, I never changed).  I also wore the new necklace Drew got me in Germany, but again didn't take a close-up. 

Tuesday, Day 23: Gray t-shirt and black pants.  I wasn't actually planning on wearing this shirt again so soon, but I forgot that it was flu-shot day at work and it seemed best to be wearing short-sleeves.  Only accessory today were glasses.  And I'm standing in the other direction because Drew made fun of me recently for always having the same pose, so I switched it up!

Wednesday, Day 24: Purple long-sleeved shirt and black mini skirt.  Worn with black fishnet stockings.  I was going to wear different tights, but when I put them on they had a hole the size of my fist, which didn't seem ideal, so these got second prize.  And, although they're not pictured, I am wearing my elephant hair earrings.  I also brought the black v-neck sweater to wear over this as a "jacket" to work.  I'm going out later and didn't actually want to have a jacket, so that's the reason for the layers. 

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  1. For some reason when I read the title to your post, I suddenly had a Christmas tune in my head. Immediately thought - dang, it's not even Halloween! :-)

    I LOL'd at the though of you yelling at the dude on the bike! Go get 'em!