Monday, October 4, 2010

Half-Way There

I'm now at the half-way point of the Wardrobe Challenge, and I thought I'd write down some of my thoughts about this whole experiment so far.  At the start, I found myself wishing that the weather was a bit cooler.  There was really only one day where I was wishing I had one more short-sleeved shirt.  However, it now seems like the weather has turned and it will stay a bit cooler, so I'm excited to do some other combos I thought of with layers. 

I've found myself unsubscribing from a lot of "junk shopping" e-mails that I get.  I figure if I don't know that some store is having a sale, I'll be less likely to go to that store's website and I'll certainly be less likely to browse and buy something.  I actually don't do a whole lot of shopping in stores, I tend to shop on the internet, so this was a way to cut out some of the temptation.  It was also something that I had wanted to do for quite a while, but this experiment was really the push that I needed to actually take the time to unsubscribe.

I actually don't mind it as far as wearing only 10 items of clothing.  I love the fact that I'm wearing more of my jewelry.  I have a lot of it and it's nice to show it off.  The big negative for me is the increase in laundry.  Maybe if we had laundry in our actual apartment, I wouldn't mind quite as much, but we have it in the basement and something about dragging stuff down there feels like more work.  Before, I used to wait until I was running low on clean underwear or Drew was running low on clean gym clothes before I would do laundry, but now it's a weekly affair. 

There is really only one thing I've realized that I actually need to buy once this is over and that is plain black tights.  I only have one pair right now and I'll never make it through the winter like that.  Other than that, I think I could happily get through the winter with what I've already got.  

Today's outfit, Day 15: Black mini-skirt, purple long-sleeved shirt with black patterned tights.  Jewelry is an amethyst necklace that was my mom's, which she gave to me and a signet ring that was my great-grandmother's but was passed down to me from my grandma.   Shoes are black mary-jane heels.  And there's a message for Drew!  (He's away in D.C. again.  He doesn't normally travel this much). 

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