Saturday, March 27, 2010

Where's Your Sweat?

I was really hoping the weather forecasters were just going to be wrong with today's forecast. When we woke up this morning, it was 29 degrees. I know that I'm supposed to be training for this triathlon in San Francisco regardless of the weather, but below freezing sounded too cold for a bike ride. So, instead I went to the gym and spun my little heart out on the spin bike.

I used the computerized spin bike so I could have a program to do and not just fumble around on my own. For my first ride (I wanted to ride more than an hour and to do that, I'd have to do two separate rides), I chose the "Interval" program, Level 8.

I think that I spent about 80% of the time out of the saddle. The hardest part was actually when we switched from all the time out of the saddle to a seated climb on hard resistance. I took a photo of the fellow who gives you your instructions - he actually looks like someone I know, which is a little bit weird:

The screen is all red in this shot because as a result of my picture taking, I let my cadence slip a little bit. It's pretty good at telling you what cadence you should have and yelling at you (okay, there isn't really any yelling, but there is a lot of flashing red) when you don't keep up with what they expect.

These were the stats for my first ride:

After I was done with my first ride, I stared up the bike again, but this time chose Endurance, Level 10. Drew had just hopped on the bike next to me when I was finishing up the first ride and starting the second one. I had been dripping sweat like crazy during the first ride, but there is a cool-down and a warm-up on each ride, so I had cooled off and wasn't sweating as much when he was there.

He was pretty sweaty and was dripping sweat all over the floor. Apparently I wasn't sweaty enough for him and he asked me where all my sweat was. The truth was that I did work up a sweat again on the Endurance ride, but not as much as on the Interval ride. I'm okay with that. Since part of this is learning how to get my rear end reacquainted with the bike saddle, I needed to spend some time sitting down.

Here are my stats for the second ride:

The computer spin bikes at our gym are located next to a machine called a "Cardio Wave". This is what it looks like:

I have no idea what this machine does or if it's any good or not, but apparently it only requires you to work out for about 15 minutes (or less) and not get sweaty at all, because several people came over and worked out on it for a very short period of time while I was biking away.

When I was done with the bike and was stretching, Drew came over and said that he was going to run a mile really quickly on the treadmill. I said I would do that too. Well, technically, I said I didn't know about all that running fast business, but I'd go ahead and do some running. We both started off doing some walking (I did 0.25 miles and he did 0.20). He told me that he was going to run 1.50 miles, but I knew that I should just stick with the initial plan of one mile.

I started at 6.0 and just kept bumping up the speed little by little, until at the end I was running at 9.5 speed. It wasn't easy, but knowing that it was only one mile definitely helped! Drew actually only ended up doing one mile too. He was faster than I was. We finished up with some stretching and then headed home. I had been thinking about not renewing my gym membership, but the past two days have pretty much shown that even though I might not go there all the time, it's definitely a good investment to have it available when I want/need it!

I don't have any fancy heart rate stats today since I let Drew wear my heart rate monitor and watch since he accidentally left his watch at work on Friday!

Bike #1
Time: 51:53
Distance: 18.70 miles
Pace: 21.63 MPH
Calories: 719 (from machine)

Bike #2
Time: 41:54
Distance: 15.60 miles
Pace: 22.34 MPH
Calories: 504 (from machine)

Time: 8:46
Distance: 1.00 mile
Pace: 8:46/mile

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