Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A St. Patty's Day Pinch

I spent last night finishing my half-Ironman plan. I've decided that I'll post the plan each week at the beginning of the week and then at the end of the week I'll post what I actually did so that I can keep myself accountable. But that's not for another couple weeks, so my plan for this morning was to get up early and go for a short bike ride. That's kind-of what I did.

Drew and I got up around 6, which is a bit on the later side. He asked if I wanted to go to the gym with him and after seeing that it was in the low 40s, I decided I'd be a lot happier if I went and rode the spin bike instead of riding my real bike. I just don't know if I'm tough enough to go biking in those temperatures. I suspect that I probably am and if I do it once that'll be enough. But maybe next week ...

We got dressed to go to the gym and I was wearing a green shirt in honor of St. Patrick's Day. I came downstairs and saw Drew's gym outfit (he'll probably object to the fact that I used the word outfit to describe what he was wearing). He was not wearing green, so I pinched him. Twice, I think. That's what happens when you don't wear green! Apparently, he'd never heard that before. He went back upstairs and I thought he was brushing his teeth, but he came back down with a green shirt on. And then he had the nerve to pinch me even though I was already wearing green!

So, off to the gym we went. Frankly, I was hoping I'd remember how to clip in and out of the pedals. It's been a month and a half since I rode the spin bike. I don't even want to talk about how long it's been since I've ridden my actual bicycle. I got to the gym, put my (bike) shoes on, adjusted the seat and started riding. It only took one other tiny adjustment before I settled in for my ride. I chose the "endurance" ride because I didn't really feel like getting out of the saddle a whole lot. I think there were two standing flats on the program I chose. I did Level 5 (out of 10) so that I wouldn't burn out my legs too much.

Yesterday at the Terrier run, Spencer had us do some side and diagonal lunges and I sort-of cheated on them because I knew if I did them for real I'd be in a world of hurt today and that seemed like a bad idea before the half-marathon. Instead, my inner thighs are a little tired today. I can handle that. About half-way through my ride today, I realized that biking uses some different muscles than running! My legs noticed the difference!

I wouldn't say that today was particularly hard, but it felt good to get back on the bike (even if it wasn't a real bike). We definitely were not the only people at the gym wearing green shirts - there were lots and lots of them. I am really glad that I went and biked today. I even went really far, see:

I think the guy on the bike next to me thought I was a little bit crazy when I was taking this picture with my phone, but that's okay. I came home and capped off my green gym going experience with a green monster. And I fully intend on wearing a green sweater to work. Oh, and did I mention that I'm not even Irish and the fact that all those tourists from the parade that inevitably end up in my neighborhood make me irritated? But I'll wish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day nonetheless!

Time: 51:52
Distance: 18.10 miles
Pace: 20.94 MPH
Calories: 410
Maximum HR: 150
Average HR: 133

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