Friday, March 26, 2010

iPhone v. Treadmill

I stayed up late again last night - mainly because I didn't get home until 9:30 and still had to eat dinner and just wasn't quite ready for bed early. All my own fault, I know. That meant that I didn't feel like getting up early this morning to workout. So, instead, I had the gym looming over my head all day long. Not the most fun thing to look forward to on a Friday night.

I had made a really fun playlist a while ago, but somehow my iPhone decided to eat that playlist. So, I made another (very similar) one today before going to the gym. Even though some of the songs are pretty embarrassing, I thought I'd post it here (just in case my phone decides to eat the list again!)

There were 21 songs on the list and I figured I'd run today until the treadmill gave out (after 60 minutes) or I ran out of songs to listen to. Whichever came first. I was definitely "that girl" on the treadmill today since I was mouthing along (not singing!) to my songs.

I was running along (quite happily -- which almost never ever happens at the gym) at 6.0 when I decided that maybe I should try to do a 5K in under 30:00. Except I didn't think about this plan until a bit too late. I think that if I had decided about 30 seconds earlier that was going to be my plan, I would have been perfect. So, instead I finished in 30:07. Still super awesomely happy with that time.

Then because I was running at 9.5 to try to finish in time, I took a bit of a walking break for 0.25 miles. I still had plenty of time left on the treadmill, so I figured I should keep on running. I ended up being able to do 2.5 more miles running. I also picked up the speed at the end of that run too. I figure that's fairly race-like.

Then I went for a swim. I had brought along a workout to do, but I kind-of knew I wouldn't do it. For one thing, the pool there is only 18 feet long and I'm really bad at math so trying to convert in my head is a disaster. I had figured out before I went to the pool that 1800 yards (so 100 lengths of the pool) is 1.02 miles.

I ended up doing 50 lengths (0.51 miles) and after seeing my time, which I thought was fine, I decided to see if I could negative split the next 0.51 miles. The first half-mile was so nice and easy, I really never felt like I was working. The second half-mile was also pretty easy, although I will admit that for the last 4 lengths (72 yards), I did pick it up a tiny bit, but I never was pushing it to the max or anywhere close to that. Definitely have to say that knowing I can swim a mile (it's in the pool, I know) nice and easy in about 32 minutes really makes me more confident about Alcatraz. You have an hour to swim 1.5 miles and I know the current is crazy, but I think I can do it.

After the running, I did some stretching and I even did some quite neglected core work. I did two sets of 25 crunches and also did plank for 1:00. I don't even know if that's good or not, but I figure that it wasn't going to hurt me and every little bit helps. Had some Gatorade while running and a mini Lara bar (thanks Atlanta expo!) after. I also had some Muscle Milk before and most after the swim.

I almost never like going to the gym, but somehow everything was really nice and easy today. Oh, and by the way, the iPhone totally won. I listened to 18.5 songs (out of the 21).

Run #1
Time: 30:07
Distance: 3.10 miles
Pace: 9:42/mile
Calories: 366
Maximum HR: 191
Average HR: 171

Run #2
Time: 24:07
Distance: 2.50 miles
Pace: 9:38/mile
Calories: 298
Maximum HR: 182
Average HR: 172

Swim #1
Time: 16:23
Distance: 0.51 miles (900 yards)
Pace: 32:07/mile
Calories: 161
Maximum HR: 158
Average HR: 151

Swim #2
Time: 15:52
Distance: 0.51 miles (900 yards)
Pace: 31:06/mile
Calories: 173
Maximum HR: 169
Average HR: 161

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