Monday, November 16, 2009

I Hope You Get Really Sweaty

This morning Drew and I headed off to the gymnasium like usual. Before we left, his sister said, "I hope you get really sweaty today!" I'm back to three non-consecutive days of weight lifting, so all I was going for was the cardio. We got to the gym right when it opened (at 6 AM) and were the first people inside. That meant free reign over the machines. I decided to head straight for the stair mill.

If there ever was a sweat inducing machine, this is it. I did intervals on Level 10 for 30 minutes and my gym towel was soaking wet by the end. I had to trade it in for a fresh one when I was done and I almost never do that. I didn't think a half an hour was enough cardio for one day, but it was enough on the stair mill. So, I finished up on the stair mill and headed over to the elliptical machine. I did one of the gluteal programs on the elliptical, which isn't one that I normally do. I'm not really sure I know what the difference is anyway, other than this one keeps you at a really high incline level the vast majority of the time. I tried to keep the resistance pretty high as well, although I did take a break for a few minutes in the middle and lowered it down.

Once again, I finished up with some stretching. No foam rolling today. My abs are still sore when I laugh, so I guess those crunches from yesterday are working their magic. I'm also slowly starting to realize that I have a 10K to run on December 6 and that perhaps I should start running more often for the next week or two. I have my regular Terrier run tomorrow, but I'm thinking that maybe I should be running two or three times a week anyway in preparation for my half-marathon in March. So many things to think about and plan for!

Stair Mill
Time: 30:08
Distance: 2.92 miles (140 floors)
Pace: 10:19/mile
Calories: 339
Maximum HR: 168
Average HR: 161

Time: 33:10
Distance: 2.70 miles
Pace: 12:17/mile
Calories: 331
Maximum HR: 156
Average HR: 149

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