Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's Too Hot To Be A Triathlete

Yesterday's heat made me skip the Terrier run and made me question whether or not I really should be doing this triathlon in 11 days. When I woke up this morning and it was still in the record-breaking heat category, I still wasn't sure about doing the triathlon. I figured that if I stayed in bed today, that would be the sign of whether or not I would actually do the triathlon. I decided not to go outside, but to go to the gym instead. Might be wimpy, but I figured an indoor workout is better than no workout at all.

I started out by running 2 miles on the treadmill. Nothing earth shattering and sort-of boring, like most treadmill runs. But, I felt good while I was doing it and I watched some Sports Center on ESPN. I figured I'd do a bit of a duathlon today, just to see how I'd feel running/biking/running. I knew that if I could have a good workout today, I could talk myself back into doing the NYC triathlon.

After running 2 miles, I went and hopped on the spin bike. Which takes a lot longer than hopping on my real bike in a triathlon since there is a lot of adjusting that needs to be done. I will say that I know I didn't push myself as much as I could have on the bike. I was more concerned with reading my book than having a super awesome spin workout. Instead, I read my book and had a decent spin workout. After 10 miles on the spin bike, I headed back over to the treadmill.

Here is where I wasn't sure how much I should do. After a half-mile, my legs did feel a tiny bit tired, so I decided to just run quick mile and call it a day. I think it ended up being a really great workout today. I did about half the distances of the triathlon and I felt great at the end. Lots of gas left in the tank, which makes me think that I shouldn't have any issues getting to the finish line on July 18!

After today's workout, I think it's funny that I even had doubts. I'm not really sure why I did. I've been working out about the same number of hours per week that I did before Westchester last year and Alcatraz earlier this year. I actually don't have any doubts about my ability to finish the race, so I'm sure sure what the reasoning was behind my doubt. Probably just nerves.
Time: 19:32
Distance: 2.00 miles
Pace: 9:46/mile
Calories: 183
Maximum HR: 184 (87%)
Average HR: 171 (81%)
Spin Bike
Time: 30:08
Distance: 10.00 miles
Pace: 19.91 MPH
Calories: 226
Maximum HR: 171 (81%)
Average HR: 150 (71%)

Time: 8:39
Distance: 1.00 mile
Pace: 8:39/mile
Calories: 74
Maximum HR: 186 (88%)
Average HR: 164 (77%)

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