Thursday, July 8, 2010

Expect This And Worse

Although this morning wasn't quite as hot as the past few days (it was only 76 at 5:30), when Robert got to practice this morning, he said, "Expect this and worse for race day." Golly, that makes me feel great about doing NYC. I'm trying to remember why I thought doing a triathlon in the middle of July was a good idea?

I didn't pay attention to the workout today. Well, I did a little bit. We were supposed to bike for 50 minutes and run for 30 minutes. The biking part involved a lot of percentages (like 10 minutes at 75% then 5 minutes at 80% then five minutes at 90% ... blah blah blah). I figured I'd just go out there and do my best. I always sort of think that those five minute increments take care of themselves in the Park between the hills and the recovery down hill.

The bike ride went really well, I thought. I'm still somehow on this kick of averaging over 15 MPH, which is crazy and awesome. I don't, however, have too high of hopes for the triathlon. I actually don't really know what the course is like when you head north out of the city. I know that going south will be fast and flat, but I'm fine with the element of surprise.

For today's run, we were supposed to head north from 72nd Street up to the Reservoir, then head back south back to 72nd Street, run around Cherry Hill fountain and then to Dead Road. All of this is a mini simulation of the NYC Triathlon run course. I actually would like to run the whole course before the race, if possible. Maybe Friday or Sunday?

I actually felt pretty good on the run today. My shins were a little tired during the first mile or so, but then started to feel just fine. I was wondering if that was the first indication that my running shoes are biting the dust and I should switch to the new shoes that I bought but haven't used yet. I guess I probably should decide that this week so I'm not using brand new shoes for the first time during the race. Hopefully I can take the new ones for a test drive this weekend.

After I was done with today's run, I was so happy to get back on the bike. It was so much cooler on the bike than on the run! Of course, I didn't notice that while I was actually biking. When I left the Park at 7:00, the temperature had crept up to 80, so it's good to know that it can go up so quickly that early in the morning. Right now the 15 day forecast says that the high on July 18 is 90, so I guess this is all good training for race day.

Time: 48:20
Distance: 12.50 miles (15.65 miles total)
Pace: 15.52 MPH
Calories: 406
Maximum HR: 173 (82%)
Average HR: 160 (75%)

Time: 26:28
Distance: 2.75 miles
Pace: 9:37/mile
Calories: 258
Maximum HR: 195 (92%)
Average HR: 175 (83%)

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  1. I heard that the Hudson River might be so warm that they will forbid wetsuits! I guess it is around 80 right now?! Hot, hot, hot!