Friday, November 19, 2010

What To Look For

OK, so I'm done running now!  Well, until Sunday, that is.  Then I've got the longest run of my life ahead of me!  This morning it was 41 degrees and I wore shorts and a thicker long-sleeved shirt.  I was a little bit cool at first, but I warmed up really quickly.  That makes me think that my outfit for the race will be just perfect.  I just ran to the Park, did a quick run around the Lower Loop, and headed home.  I didn't even bother wearing a watch.  Just running to shake out the legs and any nervous energy I might have. 

A couple people have asked what I'll be wearing so that they can try and look for me, so I thought I'd post some pictures.  Before the race, in the corral, I'll look something like this: 

Yes, that is a Hello Kitty hat.  The clothes that are collected at the start are donated to the Bethesda Project and I'm hoping that it'll make it's way to a little girl and make her day!  I also thought that it could be a conversation starter in the corral (OK, really, Drew said that, but I'm hoping he's right).  Either way, it's actually pretty nice with fleece-lined ear flaps! 

As far as the actual race goes, I'm hoping to be looking something like this (smile and all!):

Except I'll have a lot of Gu stuffed in my side pockets, which does nothing for the hips!  And I'll have a bib on too.  I've heard that they have your names on them, but I figured wearing a shirt with my name on it would be more clear and hopefully more people will cheer for me.  I'm thinking that I might need the encouragement (especially towards the end). 

I'm also including the information for runner tracking.  You can click here to sign-up if you feel like stalking me while I run.  My bib number and information is listed below (which I think you need to get the updates!). 

We leave for Philadelphia early tomorrow morning.  I'm excited to get there and pick up my number and just have everything all set!  Hopefully I'll see some of you there!

Distance: 2.90 miles


  1. Best of luck this weekend! You will do great!

  2. Wohoooo!!!!!!!!!!! I switched to orange today!