Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's Like You're Missing A Digit

This morning I was telling Drew that I had a 4 mile run on tap and that this weekend's run is only 8 miles.  He said that it sort-of sounds like I'm missing a digit in all the runs for this week.  I have to say that I agree.  Running only 4 miles seems like it should be a piece of cake.

Except it wasn't.  I ran at lunch again on the treadmill and I sort-of hated it.  Which made me question the whole marathon thing.  I have to say that I really really wish that this tapering stuff didn't make you a crazy person.  So far I haven't had any phantom aches and pains (thank goodness), but I'm left questioning whether or not I can actually complete a marathon, which isn't the best feeling.

I know that it's all silly and I'll get to the finish line one way or another, but I can't help questioning things when I'm running on the treadmill.  I will say that I wasn't able to use my favorite type of treadmill at the gym today and somehow felt all thrown off as a result of that.  Normally I take a photo of my final stats so I can remember my time, but today's treadmill didn't want to show you your final stats.  So I don't even really remember my final time.  I think it was 43-something, but I'm unsure on the something.

The other reason I don't think that today's run was so great is that I've actually been running pretty quickly (for me, at least during marathon training) on the last couple runs, and today's was slower.  I've got to remember that is okay and more likely my marathon pace and I absolutely cannot go out too fast during the marathon!  On my remaining runs this week, I'm going to try to remember that and run accordingly.

Also, I found out my bib number and corral for the marathon today.  Of course, I had to look it up on myself (they haven't sent out an informational e-mail to race participants yet), but it makes it all more real!

Time: ~43:30
Distance: 4.00 miles
Pace: 10:52/mile

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  1. I hate treadmills. I never run as fast on them as I can outside, even if I'm really deliberate about setting the pacing correctly. yuck!