Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm Afraid Of Melting

Last night I told myself that I'd really try to get up and go running with Terrier this morning. So, when my alarm went off at 5:00, I rolled over and looked out at the patio to see that it was wet. I then looked at the weather on my telephone and it didn't say that it was currently raining, but there was a rain cloud for today's weather in general, so I decided that I'm too wimpy to chance it by going outside for a run. Although there is plenty of evidence to the contrary, I'm pretty sure that I can and will melt when rained upon.

So, instead I went to the gymnasium for another treadmill run. Even though I never talk to anyone other than Drew at the gym, I've been running next to another girl on the days I've been at the gym. She almost always picks the treadmill right next to mine, which is fine. I'd talk to her, but I'm generally there before her and we both wear headphones, so we just pound out our miles in silence.

Today's workout was 2 miles / 2 x [1:00, 1:30, 2:00] AI / 2 miles and I almost managed to follow the plan today, except that when I was doing the first two miles, I wasn't really paying attention (I was instead watching the Non-contact Boxing class in the studio in front of the treadmill) and I didn't look down until I was past two miles, so then I figured I'd just wait until 2.5, which is a nice round number.

Then it was time for the intervals. I have to say that I wasn't really looking forward to the longer intervals, since all of them that I've done up to this point were 1:00 long. This is what I ended up doing:

1:00 @ 7.0
1:30 @ 7.2
2:00 @ 7.5
1:00 @ 8.0
1:30 @ 7.5
2:00 @ 7.0

It actually went a lot better than I thought it would. Of course, for almost every one, I was staring at the clock just waiting for it to get to be the elapsed time so that I could slow down, but it certainly wasn't horrible. After the intervals, I did another 1.5 miles so that I'd do the total 4.0 miles and then called it a day.

I finished up with some stretching, 50 crunches and some foam rolling on my shins. Although my left shin was hurting slightly while I was running, it really didn't hurt that badly while I was foam rolling, which was encouraging. Of course, it always hurts when foam rolling, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it could be.

Oh, and I got my HR monitor back with a brand new battery, so I'm back to having calorie and heart rate stats!

Run #1
Time: 25:02
Distance: 2.50 miles
Pace: 10:00/mile
Calories: 303
Maximum HR: 182
Average HR: 170

Aerobic Intervals
Time: 15:06
Distance: 1.61 miles
Pace: 9:22/mile
Calories: 238
Maximum HR: 190
Average HR: 177

Run #2
Time: 14:44
Distance: 1.50 miles
Pace: 9:49/mile
Calories: 201
Maximum HR: 186
Average HR: 181

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