Sunday, January 17, 2010

Blame It On The Rain

So far, our Barcelona trip has been wonderful! There has been a lot of sleeping in and staying up late and lots of tasty treats and eats! I will say that we haven't quite done the exercise that I thought we would, but this afternoon we were going to go to the Picasso museum and the line was ridiculously long and it was raining, so instead we went back to the hotel to hit the gym.

We got changed into our gym clothes and hit the treadmills. When we walked into the gym area, I kind of had a feeling that we'd be in trouble. The gym is right next to the pool (picture courtesy of Hotel 1898 website) and that meant that it was really humid and sticky in the gym area.

But, we started running anyway and it turned out that neither one of us really had that much fun running, I don't think. First of all, there was a TV showing a program about these guys who do Pit Bull Animal Rescue. Most of what the show entailed were blasting close-up pictures of dogs who had been in fights and their injuries all over the screen. Not exactly what I wanted to be watching. But we couldn't figure out how to turn the TV off or change the channel. I tried to just turn my iPod up really loudly and ignore it. Not so easy to do when it's 3 feet away from your face.

The run was really hot and sticky. I haven't been that hot when running in I don't know how long. Maybe ever. At the gym at home I normally get pretty sweaty and red-faced, but I had sweat on my legs, arms, I was just a gross mess. And I was stopping (slowing down, really) every so often because I needed to have a sip of water.

Before we got to the gym, I realized that we were in Spain and that meant that it was likely that these treadmills would be in kilometers instead of meters. So, I really had no idea how fast I was running. I kept it mostly between 9.0 and 9.5 kilometers/hour and decided that I'd just do a half an hour. However long of a distance that ended up being was going to be fine with me.

After our sweaty treadmill session, we headed into the pool. Oh, how I loved this pool. It was heated and had jets on the bench on the side, lounge chairs with jets, jets that would pound on your back and massage you. Why can't all swimming be like this? Here are some photos that don't quite do it justice ...

I know that this trip hasn't gone exactly as planned as far as exercise goes, but I'm not going to stress about it. We're walking lots and lots every day and I think that makes up for a lot. Plus, I'm on vacation! And we're going to go back to the museum tonight ... even more walking!

Time: 30:02
Distance: 4.60 kilometers (2.90 miles)
Pace: 10:30/mile
Calories: 335 (according to the treadmill)

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