Thursday, January 20, 2011

You Make It Look Easy

This morning I met Nicole for our regularly-scheduled pilates session.  Luckily, this week wasn't nearly as crowded as last week, which made it a little easier for teaching, I think. Nicole had me start off on the foam roller again, which isn't all that easy to balance on it while doing different exercises.  Of course, Nicole had to say that since I wasn't moving all over (I take that as a sign that my core muscles are actually in decent shape) that I was making it look easy! 

Ha!  That was the first 10 minutes or so of our session.  It only gets more difficult from there.  I think if I only had to do 10 minutes of pilates, I could be a rock start.  It's doing all that core work for 55 minutes that's really the killer!  Of course, I'm still loving it.  It's a nice change from the gym once a week and knowing that I have to meet Nicole and that I paid for these sessions is a huge motivator in keeping me going! 

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