Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gym, Gym, Gym

That's all I ever do anymore, I think.  Well, that's not really true.  But it's all I seem to be doing in terms of working out.  I'm not the biggest fan of the gym, but if going there will help me reach my weight loss goal by April, I'm going to keep on going.  Of course, I'm secretly hoping the weather will magically get more spring-like, but I don't think that's really going to happen anytime soon.

Tonight I went to the gym after work.  I did what is quickly becoming my fall-back routine there.  But that's okay because I don't hate it (or at least I don't hate it yet).  It lets me read my book while I'm there and I'm all in favor of more reading time in my life.  I read a lot (even outside of the gym) and if you're really curious about what I'm reading, I could start posting it here, but I don't give book recommendations because they make me nervous.  I mean, how do I know what kind of books you like to read?  

So, at the gym today, I did 30 minutes on the stair mill followed by 20ish minutes on the elliptical.  I tried to hang on for as long as I could on the elliptical, but truthfully, I was hungry and wanted to get home and make myself some dinner.  I forced myself to stay on until my heart rate monitor said I had burned 200 calories during that part of the workout, which I thought was a good compromise.  A lot easier than a time goal, I think.

I've noticed that I actually don't mind going to the gym after work.  Even if it is more crowded then.  However, I don't really like getting home later and still having to figure out some sort of dinner.  I also feel even less motivated than usual the next morning to get up and go to the gym in the morning, so it's like some sort of really bad cycle I've got myself on.  I know I should just suck it up and get up earlier.  I'm a work in progress, what can I say?  

Stair Mill
Time: 30:57
Distance: 2.95 miles
Calories: 265

Time: 24:40
Distance: 2.20 miles
Calories: 200

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